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J. Thomas DeVoge, Ph.D.

& Joyce B. DeVoge, M.A.,  


Established: June, 2000

Services: Four psychologists offer child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy, counseling, relationship psychology-education classes.

Ther specialties:

1) Couples marriage counseling
2) Cognitive Behavior Therapy
3) Maternal support prenatal and postpartum counseling
4) Workshop design and management
5) Psychotherapy
6) Psycho-education workshops
7) Relationship Coach

Smart Partners - Program to develop awareness about our partners and friendships . 
A Class to develop awarness about our partners and about friendship in a close relationship; to develop skills to act in friendly, effective ways. 
Five basic areas covered in the program: 
1) Develop the ability to share and express intimate thoughts;
2) Learn to handle conflict;
3) Explore the self through a study of family history, needs, hopes, values and  unique personalities
4) Learn the full range of pleasure that physical closeness can offer;
5) Uncover common marital pitfalls and hidden expectations that can threaten relationships. 
Hot Monogamy Workshop  This workshop is a romantic get-away weekend for graduates of the PAIRS semester course. Hot Monogamy Workshop for non-PAIRS graduates is being developed.    It is designed to continue the work begun in the sensuality and sexuality workshop of the semester course, furthering the ability of each member of a couple to be a source of pleasure to the other. Held at various beautiful county inns, the atmosphere of relaxation and affection combined with education and playfulness help to accomplish this goal. Participants can expect a unique opportunity to be closer and more passionate with their partners.
Becoming Partners: A Weekend for Creating Intimacy  A two-day weekend workshops for couples in any stage of a relationship engaged, married, separated, long-wedded and life partners. Skills taught include how to: 1) Avoid mistakes made in previous relationships; 2) Talk together as friends; 3) Increase romance and passion in your relationship; 4) Build intimacy and confide in one another safely and without fear. Skills can be applied to all facets of life, from family relationships to professional careers. Offered four times a year and held at the Cincinnati Relationship Center.
Making Your Relationship More Fun  A one-day workshop for couples teaching techniques and exercises for putting fun and pleasure back into a relationship. Re-visit favorite courtship activities and learn new tools to help maintain balance between work and play. Held at the Cincinnati Relationship Center.


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"The Heart of the Matter: Creating Healthy Relationships"

with host Rev. George Whitton

Our show is devoted to relationships, Joyce and Tom DeVoge

have extensive experience working with couples.

They assist host, George Whitton in answering listeners questions.


The show is archived and can be downloaded to your iPod.

Tune In - Wednesdays @ 2 PM eastern standard time

Email:   cincypairs@zoomtown.com with your questions.


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