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Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills
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A six-month, 120-hr. semester course for individuals and couples offered once a year (Sept – Feb) at the Cincinnati Relationship Center. 
Five basic areas covered in the program are:
1) Develop the ability to share and express intimate thoughts;
2) Learn to handle conflict;
3) Explore the self through a study of family history, needs, hopes, values and unique personalities
4) Learn the full range of pleasure that physical closeness can offer;
5) Uncover common marital pitfalls and hidden expectations that can threaten relationships. 

PAIRS Seminar Testimonials

Jon – "It’s a pragmatic course. After every session, you walk out with a skill. And while the relationship-building aspect is geared toward couples, the techniques work with the parent/child scenario as well as in the workplace and in social and peer relationships."
Ken – "I have grown to better understand some of the things that have shaped my relationship styles and techniques. Being aware of how these learned habits/rituals can damage my marriage and replacing them with good examples and tools is outstanding. The one tool I really enjoy is practicing caring behaviors on a daily basis. It gives me the structure to show Susan how much she means to me."
Barbara – "Every Tuesday has been informative and a wonderful learning experience. I think our marriage has benefited greatly from what we have taken away from this class. The most powerful lesson was that of the grudge letter. It did get rid of a lot of bad feelings that I had for 41 years. What a relief."
Don – "I have learned more about human behavior involving relationships than any other previous experience. The class gives you the time to step back and focus on the other person, or why you feel the way you do. It gives many tools to help with daily interactions. Thank you for possibly saving my marriage."
Donna – "I enjoyed this class for several reasons: the opportunity to learn with my husband, and about positive and negative aspects of our relationship, the obvious warmth in the spirit of the people in the room, and the tools for bonding and intimacy. Thank you for enabling the futures of so many people with your wonderful positive energy."
Susan – "I have come to appreciate the value of communication and have learned various tools to help keep us connected to one another. I have never felt that I was an equal in our relationship from the start, and really enjoy the concept of the leveling position. It has made me feel that we are a partnership/team and that seems to make me feel validated."
Mark – "I have enjoyed the class and learned valuable tools and techniques for communication. These lessons are also valuable in other areas of my life in addition to improving my relationship with Carolyn."
Sally – "I am very grateful for this class. I’ve never been given the tools for a successful relationship. Now I feel that I am starting to acquire them. Your marriage and successful relationship is an inspiration to me and gives me hope for our future."

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